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  Solar PV rooftop system for NEU Green Building

Solar PV rooftop system for NEU Green Building


1. Background & Aims
       Prapakorn Convention hall is main conference building of North Eastern University with roof area as 2,500 m2. The building was transformed by renewable green technologies as solar PV rooftop system. It can also be supplemental electrical energy source for other building in campus.

2. Technology principle
       On-grid solar system is implemented to Prapakorn Convention hall building. The area of solar panels is 2,500 square meters, with a total installed capacity of about 250 kWp, annual output of about 444,000 kWh, annual reduction of CO2 emissions 372.96 tons. The roof adopts solar photovoltaic panels as polycrystalline silicon. Moreover, this system can send electrical energy to other building through electrical power distribution of campus.


3. Benefit
       Economic Benefit results
          ·In 25 years, total productivity of electrical energy as 9,864,732 Unit (kWh)
          ·Discounted Payback Period (PB) as 5.97 year
          ·Levelised Cost of Electricity (LCOE) as 1.33 THB/Unit
          ·Internal Rate of Return (IRR) = 16.88 %
          ·Net Present Value (NPV) = 10,195,322 THB



Additional link: https://sunthailand.net/bestpractice/12