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  Green University Performance Report

Green University Performance Report


1. Setting and Infrastructure

          Northeastern University has only one campus with an area of 83,492.76 sqm. The university is located in Mueang Khon Kaen district, Khon Kaen Province, Thailand. The university is well known for its natural green spaces. There are relaxing spaces for staffs, students and visitors. 


2. Energy and Climate Change

On-Campus Renewable Energy Generation Project

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Program

3. Waste

          There are trash bins for sorting different types of waste. To recycle waste and have measures to manage various types of waste.

4. Water

          There is a project to use water from natural sources such as rainwater to share in the university to save water.

         There is a project to use equipment to save water by The university has a survey of the number of faucets that personnel students use regularly.

5. Transportation

          Northeastern University has shuttle bus services to reduce the number of private car usages. This is a free service to transport members of staff between pickup point to university.

Free bicycle stop service provided for all buddings on the campus

6. Education

          There are 250 courses on environment and sustainability, and there are projects and clubs about green universities as follows: