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  Water Management with Drip Irrigation

Water resource management with drip water system for agriculture area

of Khon kaen community (Mar.-Jul., 2018)


        The objective of this project was to manage water resource by using drip irrigation system for agriculture of Khon kaen community which was congruent with philosophy of sufficient economy. A place selected to be tested was Ban Ped community, Khon kaen which is the learning center of organic agriculture. University students and agriculturalists were guided and trained by Regional Irrigation Office 6, Khon kaen and lecturers from North Eastern University. The drip irrigation system was installed in 1 rai of agricultural area at Ban Ped community. The results showed that agriculturalists attained knowledge on drip irrigation system and can make the system by themselves. The expected benefits of drip irrigation system included agricultural products were increased in the future and draught problem can be reduced for agriculture in Summer of Thailand. Moreover, this project can be expanded into agricultural areas of other community as well.